“UK singer / songwriter / producer Atheen is a self-confessed keyboard nerd who is slightly deaf in one ear thanks in no small part to an over-zealous guitarist whose amp actually did go up to 11. She once harbored dreams of being a rock goddess but having totally failed as a guitarist, settled on being a ‘keytarist’ instead, where she still gets to run around the stage and play licks through her cry baby without getting string-dented fingers”.

Atheen is a versatile UK singer / songwriter / producer / keyboardist. She started out as a piano vocalist, influenced by artists such as Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette. However, once signed to Estaloka Records in East London, she spent a lot of time involved in the London music scene where she had a number of white label dance releases and rubbed shoulders with some of the industries top musicians.

During her London years, Atheen developed her production skills and wrote and produced music for a number of other artists. As her deal ended, the industry was changing rapidly and Atheen decided to set up her own label and self-release her music rather than sign another deal. The label currently has two other signings, Nick Ward and Lisa Polson.

In 2011 Atheen appeared on National television and at a number of high-profile events across China, where she performed in both English and Mandarin. 2013 saw her performing a residency in Dubai and collaborating with performers in Hong Kong. In 2014 Atheen is working on new material and is planning another tour of the Far East.