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My Top 10 Favourite Solo Artists

In no particular order, these are some of the artists who have either influenced my career or their songs have had a huge impact and made it into my favourites list. This is far from a complete list so I may have to do another one at some point!...

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My Projects

Why I’ve Been Quiet For A Few Years

It's true to say that I haven't done much musically over the past few years. However I have still been very busy in the music industry. Back in 2009 I decided to start my own label for self-releasing but when approached by a number of other artists for...

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Dance Tracks

My early career and first label signing was primarily for dance music. Sadly it didn't come to fruition and I have a lot of dance tracks written but not developed. So this year I'm working through them plus writing new material and will be putting them out on First...

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Chinese Songs

OK, those that know me well know that I was a big fan of Jackie Chan movies growing up (and still am!) so I always had a dream to go to Hong Kong. While on my first trip there I naturally began to explore the music and discovered some wonderful artists and songs. From...

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Music Biz

Some Studio Time

Just had the very lovely Lisa Polson visiting for a few days and am now left with 12 tracks to produce 🙂 I know you folks are going to love her voice and her guitar playing has improved tremendously since the last time she was here, impressed! I'll drop the details...

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The Aftermath

Haha, had a brilliant time in Flammersfeld over the weekend, thanks everyone!!There were some stunning views from our hotel and the whole event was one of the craziest gigs I have ever been to, fun! Had a couple of technical difficulties (first gig overseas and all...

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Gigging In Germany

Hey folks! Getting ready for an early flight to Germany tomorrow. Bit of a different gig for me but should be fun and I'm sure Rednex will be causing mayhem as usual!! I'm debuting some new songs in the set which will all be made available on this site and iTunes,...

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!! After a false start on a few projects in January, I'm finally ready to get my next releases underway so what better time than the start of Chinese New Year! I have four main projects to work on this year, including another solo...

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New Year, New Look Site

Hey folks, thanks for bearing with us while we updated the website! It's still a little messy in places but we're almost done and will be adding some new features over the next couple of weeks. Have been really delighted this month to be a part of a duet with the...

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