Hey folks, thanks for bearing with us while we updated the website! It’s still a little messy in places but we’re almost done and will be adding some new features over the next couple of weeks.

Have been really delighted this month to be a part of a duet with the wonderful Nick Ward. Recording the song was an interesting experience since we have never met and recorded our own parts in studios 200 miles apart! This was a bit of a musical departure for both of us but we’re really happy with the result and hope to have the opportunity to perform it later this year – if we finally get to meet!

I’m looking forward to releasing the remastered version of my Waited album in February, followed by my Shine E.P. in March. Then I shall be heading in a slightly new musical direction with my new material… 🙂

Really looking forward to touring again this year, Christmas has left me feeling out of shape (sooo much chocolate!!) so I need to get back out on the road as soon as possible!! x x x