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New Music In Production

Howdoo lovelies! Haven’t posted in a while but I’ve had a bit of a break now and am back writing and producing new material. šŸ™‚

I’ve never liked limiting myself to one style of music so am happy to be collaborating on future releases with RockSonic and The Funk Collective. Plus there’ll be a couple more solo tracks too!

In other news, the website has had a facelift and I’m finally making use of my Instagram account (about time!) x

Be Where You Be

‘Be Where You Be’ is the new single out today. The track features some cool hammond from Atheen and the amazing Dave Page on widdly guitar outro.

Dave will be performing at some gigs with Atheen soon, so you’ll get to marvel at his widdling right before your eyes. Sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed of gig dates!

Gigs and Charts

Hi everyone! Some exciting news this month. I’m back doing some gigs with my band RockSonic, so we’ll be on the road from next month.

Also I personally got into the top 10 of the Reverb Nation charts for Hong Kong so thank-you everyone for your support! My profile is here if you want to come say ‘hello’ on the Reverb Nation website – Atheen at Reverb Nation

Big hugs! x x x

RockSonic 2014

Although working on her next solo album, Atheen is also gearing up to hit the studio and the road with her band RockSonic throughout 2014. The band have a great new show planned for this year and are currently finalising dates for a number of gigs. To find out more, visit

I’m Sorry

New single ‘I’m Sorry’ is now available for download. The track is produced along with long-time collaborator Franco.

Factoid: the image was taken in Queen Street, Leicester so we’re now expecting it to become a tourist spot. Ha!

Pick Myself Up

New single released today via our store! ‘Pick Myself Up’ was an instrumental piano piece for a couple of years since Atheen couldn’t fit any lyrics to it. Then inspiration struck one day.

Daft fact: Atheen wanted a brush kit on the track but since there were no brushes in the studio that day, she ended up using a fork on a banjo skin – not for the sensitive of teeth!!


Out today, than brand new single ‘Shine’. This is one of Atheen’s favourite tracks from the album because she really gets to hammer her piano in the noisy bits.

Also check out Atheen’s youtube channel for a live piano and vocal rehearsal performance of Shine.

Waited Released!

The full Waited album is now available on all major download stores, including iTunes, HMV Digital and Amazon. The album contains twelve tracks.

With influences as diverse as Led Zeppelin and Tori Amos, the album varies between melodic piano and strings to noisy pop rock.

Primarily available as a download, there are a limited number of CDs available for mail order and a special Collectors Flash Key box set launching in December.

The full album can be previewed on the music page by clicking on the link in the main menu.

Dubai Performances

Atheen is travelling to Dubai this Summer for a few performances with band RockSonic. The trio are performing a number of dates in the city and hoping to take in some of the sights too.

RockSonic is a collection of experienced musicians that Atheen sometimes works with on various projects. More information about this collective of musicians can be found at

Atheen will be debuting her brand new Lucina keytar on the trip.

New Year, New Look Site

Hey folks, thanks for bearing with us while we updated the website! It’s still a little messy in places but we’re almost done and will be adding some new features over the next couple of weeks.

Have been really delighted this month to be a part of a duet with the wonderful Nick Ward. Recording the song was an interesting experience since we have never met and recorded our own parts in studios 200 miles apart! This was a bit of a musical departure for both of us but we’re really happy with the result and hope to have the opportunity to perform it later this year – if we finally get to meet!

I’m looking forward to releasing the remastered version of my Waited album in February, followed by my Shine E.P. in March. Then I shall be heading in a slightly new musical direction with my new material… šŸ™‚

Really looking forward to touring again this year, Christmas has left me feeling out of shape (sooo much chocolate!!) so I need to get back out on the road as soon as possible!! x x x

New Release Due 14th January 2013

Now There Is Nothing is the brand new duet from Nick Ward and Atheen. Penned by Singer / Songwriter Nick and produced by Atheen, it was recorded in two separate studios. Nick and Atheen have still not met yet but hope to do so during the promotion for the new track. The song is out on all download stores from January 14th 2013.

What You Have Done Is Available Now

Now available through this site, What You Have Done is the latest song to be mixed for the Waited album. This song is another collaboration between Atheen and guitarist Dave Hards. It has been produced by Atheen, again using remote session musicians. The song will be released worldwide as part of the album once all tracks are mastered. There are now only three tracks left to complete on this project.