Hey lovelies, my Waited album is finally here. It’s been a labour of love and I’ve enjoyed every second of working on it. Although I had originally decided to write the entire album myself, i was sent such amazing songs during the process that I just had to add them. These include Easy, Shine, Be Where You Be, From Home and I’m Sorry, all penned by a fantastic set of writers. Some of the tracks were co-writes with guitarist friend Dave Hards and others were written alone at my piano.

Although I ended up doing most of the production due to budget constraints, I did get some fantastic help from Richard Bignall and Franco Barroso and couldn’t have finished the project without them. Thanks too to Director Linzy Attenborough and Actor Lowell Barricanosa for my official Waited video and to my sister Shelley for the photography.

Hope you enjoy listening x

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